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Welcome to Sudhan Enterprises





These three colours are of 3 phases of electricity.Even in case of all the three phase failure /Electricity Failure, our Inverters and Service will be ON and ready to Lighten Up Your Life

Lighten your Home with NOVAPRO Inverter

 Bijali gool fir bhi Life Powerful.


The products that we deal are

1)Power Inverters for Home, Shop and Office.

2)Lift Inverters for Lift and three phase water pumps.

3)UPS – Online and Line interactive UPS for PC’s, Laptop, Servers and workstations.

I as well as some of the friends from industry will reply to your queries.

So start participating.

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2 Responses to “Welcome to Sudhan Enterprises”

  1. Rupali says:

    Nice post, Power gool fir bhi life powerful

    • Josphine says:

      Good reply, Rupali.
      These are colours of electrical phases.
      It says that even when power fails the Inverter will provide back up power to your home

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