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It is the Battery Service which keeps Inverter in good shape.

What is Battery service or battery servicing?

Battery service includes many things that keeps the battery connected to inverter in good shape.
Normally all lead acid batteries be it normal or tubular requires regular filling of battery water.
This is also called as as Topping up with distilled or deminaralised  water.
The water acts as an electrolyte. The water level should be kept to optimum levels.

Besides topping up normal cleaning as well as sulfate cleaning on battery terminals is also
required to be done. This enhances the charging and discharging efficiency by reducing the power and transport losses.

Additionally the strength of the battery is measured by checking the values of Specific gravity
of each cell of the battery and total voltage while discharging.

The specific gravity of battery shows the concentration of acid in electrolyte which gives us an idea
about following.
How much is the charging level.
How much back up time can be expected.
The overall health of the battery.

Battery is a store house of energy and proper Servicing is needed to ensure that :

  • Charging cut out should be between 13.9 V to 14.2 V depending on Battery
  • Specific Gravity between 1190 – 1210
  • No salt [lead sulphate] deposited on Terminals
  • Battery is kept clean
  • Jelly be applied on Terminals

Customers can expect following Benefits: 

  • Reliability of Battery increased.
  • Effective life and backup time of Battery enhanced.
  • Value for money.

We offer Battery Maintenance Service for Automobile and Inverter grade Batteries carried out under AMC [Annual Maintenance Contract] for Battery.

Does Battery requires any Maintenance ?

Yes, the Battery requires maintenance which ensures the battery better performance and increase in life.

What type of Maintenance is required ?

Battery requires maintenance like putting distilled water in the battery cells, cleaning the carbon deposits on the Battery terminals & poles, applying of petroleum jelly, checking specific gravity every two months, etc. All these activities are done, to keep the Battery in good running condition.

Do you give the Maintenance Service ?

We gladly render the Battery Maintenance Service to our Customers. More than 85% of our Customers are enjoying our Services since Installations. We follow the A.M.C. method i.e. Annual Maintenance Contract. We offer a Complementary [FREE] Service for the first year after the installation and the Customers are encouraged to prefer the AMC .

What is the cost of the Maintenance Service ?

The cost of the Annual Maintenance Contract for each Battery is @ Rs.650/- (Rs. Six Hundred & Fifty Only) as applicable.[Customers from: Kalyan, Dombivli, Ambernath, Ulhasnager, Badlapur, Titwala.]. The Charges are more for Thane and other Cities. For Customer’s convenience we circle on the Service Card to the following month AMC is paid. (So that the Customer can remember the previous AMC month)

(For more details, contact personally on Phone+91 251 2207095  or +91 8424014338   during
Office hours : 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Inverter AMC also taken, after One year’s Warranty, for details please contact on above phone)