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Inverter Benefits

Inverter Benefits that You can expect

There are so many inverter benefits that can be expected from installing inverter.

I have created a tabular representation of Features,advantages as well as Benefits that you can easily understand. The most important benefit is that You are calm,safe and in full control of the situation.You can see the rolling images below to understand it better.


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Features of Products at Sudhan Enterprises
  • Noiseless & Smokeless and does not require any inflammable Fuels like Petrol, Kerosene or Diesel.
  • NOVA-PRO UPS has intelligent Control Circuits for total control & automatic operation.
  • Uses subsidized Electricity to charge the Battery.
  • Compact size.
  • Fuse & Electronic Tripping Circuitry incorporated.
Advantages of Products at Sudhan Enterprises
  • No Smoke and Noise Pollution unlike other Generators & completely safe as no hazardous Fuels are use.
  • NOVA-PRO UPS is fully automatic. It starts as soon as power failure is thereĀ and automatically stops on MSEB power ON.
  • Economical Solution – NOVA-PRO UPS is far more economical than regular Generators giving you “VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY”.
  • Smaller size and decent look enhances the decor It can be kept anywhere in Home / Shop / Office.
  • Helps to safeguard the Gadgets used over the Inverter.
Benefits of Products at Sudhan Enterprises
  • Enjoy Sleep even during Power failure.
  • Children can study without interruption.
  • No Attendant required.
  • Easy & safe to use. Anybody can operate the System easily.
  • Increase in Business.
  • Increase in personal productivity.
  • Enjoy with Guests in Parties or at home.
  • Total control over situation.
  • Increased safety.
  • Life saving in Hospitals.