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Luminous Inverter Battery

Why buy just any Battery when you can get branded Luminous Inverter Battery

that is tested, powerful, and reliable at reasonable cost?

When you buy from us, you don’t buy just an Inverter Battery but you get FREE Delivery, Installation and Peace of Mind as well.  

You know Luminous Inverter Battery is one of the best Batteries in India. However there are many Models available for Luminous Inverter Battery.

It becomes really a daunting Task to select a suitable Battery for you hence we have created this Webpage to make Selection easier for you.

We have selected the Batteries for you, on the basis of following criteria.

  • More Guarantee i.e. starting from minimum 24 Months and above, rather than only 12 to 18 Months. 
  • Good Feedback from the existing Customers. 
  • Good Backup time and reliability.  

All these factors contribute to Peace of Mind and Value for Money.

Besides that I have included some Frequently Asked Questions below for easier understanding.

If you have a different Question not listed here you may please contact us using our Contact-Us Form and I will be glad to answer you.

How to choose Inverter Battery for your Inverter or UPS?

You can use following checklist that will guide you. 1. How much back up time you want? 2. How many points you would like to use during power failure? 3. Do you want a long back up [ More than 3 hours or just 30 minutes]? 4. Do you want branded battery or time tested and proven assembled battery will suffice? Based on the above answers we can come to conclusion about type of battery, its capacity in AH, Number of batteries etc. Don’t worry if you are not able to figure out. We can help you decide it. Just give us a call us or drop me an email

What is an Inverter Battery? What is Tubular and standard Battery?

An inverter battery is specially made to be used as a back up device for an inverter or UPS. It is different from car or truck battery. Usually inverter batteries are tubular or stationary type. The plates of tubular battery are designed in such a way that it can withhold the load for hours together. While standard batteries for cars or trucks are designed to handle the initial current for very short time. Since after the vehicle starts it does not require battery power except for lights or horn

How do I calculate Backup for the given Inverter battery?

There is a formula to calculate the back up time. Back up in Hours =[AH*12*N*0.8*E]/Load in VA . Where AH stands for Ampere hour capacity, N stands for number of batteries,0.8 as Constant and E stands for efficiency which can be taken as 0.9. The load is calculated in VA, volt ampere. Let us take an example if Battery capacity is 150 AH, for 1 Number of 12 Volts battery and a load of 500 VA we will calculate the backup time as follows. Back up = [150*12*0.8*0.9]/500 that comes to 2.592 which means 2 Hours and 36 Minutes(0.592 of 60 minutes is 36 minutes)

Should I take Branded or Locally made?

That entirely depends on you. However branded batteries are better than the assembled one if you do not know the history and quality of assembled Battery manufacturer. So the rule of thumb is to go for branded one which can give you quality and peace of mind albeit at a greater cost.

Why should I purchase Luminous Inverter Battery?

There are many reasons for it. 1. It is branded battery. 2.It has proved its quality for past 5 years 3. It comes with more guarantee. 4. Assured service

Which are the Models available and tentative Prices?

The models and their MRP is displayed in the following pictures.

How much Discount I will get in this Online Booking Offer ?

This offer is to give you maximum discount on the MRP that is displayed below. Since the rates are fluctuating you will get the discount prevailing at the time you will submit the forms.

What else I can get FREE from You?

As a token of appreciation you will get a Can of 5 liters of Expensive Decriminalized water costing about Rs.150 .This gift will not be exchanged for cash discount

How can I book Inverter Battery Online?

You can book your Inverter battery online by simply filling the form

When it will be delivered?

Once we receive the form it will be conveyed to you. Normally the delivery time will be 3 to 5 days

Which are the acceptable payment methods?

Bank transfer by NEFT, Cash as Advance,Crossed cheque or even a credit card. However the NEFT will be preferred mode.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes, You can pay by the credit card and then you may convert this pament into an Easy EMI from your credit card company.


Following Chart explains the backup time calculation with Battery AH capacity.

 [F stands for Fan, T stands for Tubelight, H stands for Hour, M stands for Minutes]


Load in VA

80 AH

100 AH

135 AH

150 AH

180 AH

200 AH

1 F + 1 T


4 H 30 M

5 H 45 M

7 H 45 M

8 H  35 m

10 H 25 M

11 H 30 M

2 F + 2 T


2 H 15 M

2 H 45 M

3 H 50 M

4 H 25 M

5 H 10 M

5 H  45 M

3 F + 3 T


1 H 30 M

1 H 50 M

2 H 35 M

2 H 50 M

3 H 25 M

3 H 50 M

4 F + 4 T


1 H 10 M

1 H 25 M

1 H 50 M

2 H 8 M

2 H 35 M

2 H 50 M

5 F + 5 T


50 M

1 H 10 M

1 H 30M

1 H 45 M

2 H 5 M

2 H 15 M

remember - why buy from us


Battery Specifications


Your Price


Luminous 120AH – RC 15000



18 Months + 18 Months

Luminous 150AH – RC 18000



18 Months + 18 Months

Luminous 150AH – ILT18030



30 Months

Luminous 180AH – ILTT24048



36 Months + 12 Months

Luminous 200AH – ILT 24048



36 Months + 12 Months

Luminous 200AH – RC 25000



18 Months + 18 Months

Luminous Inverter Battery

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