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Lighten your Home with NOVAPRO Inverters

Sudhan Enterprises brings for you NOVAPRO Inverter.

Power Inverters Systems for Lighting Load are becoming essential for modern Homes and Offices. Failure of Electricity puts us in perplexed condition and brings all work to a grinding halt.

Electricity failure can have many consequences such as:

      • Loss of Work 
      • Loss of Man-hours
      • Loss of Computer Data
      • Loss of Time
      • Loss of Convenience & safety

All of us in this technological era are more and more dependent on Electricity and Computers.

Although we as an individual can do much to improve power situation on National basis, we can definitely and DRAMATICALLY improve power situation on individual basis, by using Power Inverter [for Lighting Load] and UPS Systems [For Computers & related Load]


How Power Inverters can transform my Life? / What do I get when I use Power Inverters? 

It is said, “TAMSOMA JYOTIRGAMAYA” in Sanskrit Language which means from DARKNESS to LIGHT that is what Power Inverter will do. Even during power failure you get:

Convenience: [Your Lights, Fans & TV keep on working] while your neighbours are facing problems of Power failure. You get Good & Undisturbed sleep, children can study, you can enjoy Programs on TV.

Safety: You are safer than others as due to emergency Power backup anti-social elements can’t take any advantages of Power failure.

What are Power Inverters? 

Simply speaking, Power Inverter is a Device which stores Electric Energy and gives you back in case of Utility Power failure. Power Inverter is an Electronic Power Generator which STARTS automatically (in case of Electricity failure) to keep your Tubelights, Fans & TV working on, and STOPS automatically when Power resumes.

This means you don’t have to do anything. Mostly you will never notice any differences if you are sleeping since change over from regular electricity to Power Inverter & vice versa is very quick which is less than half a second.

How do I operate Power Inverters? 

Since Power Inverter is designed to work automatically, once it is properly installed you DO NOT have to even lift a finger. It means you have HASSLES FREE LIFE and Power Inverters can be used by children & very old & disabled people also.

How do I get more information on Inverters? 

Well, you can browse our Site or better still get a copy of your own FREE E-Book which can be downloaded on your ComputerSecrets of Power Inverter Revealed


How is Power Inverter known or Interpreted as?

Many people get confused with the Nomenclature (different names).
Power Inverter is also described by many people as Power Inverters, UPS Systems, Inverters, Solar Inverters, Emergency Power Supply, UPS, Inverter, Battery operated Generator, DC to AC Inverter, Power Generator,12 volt power inverter Power Conditioner, DC to AC Power Inverter, 1000 Watt power inverter ,cheap power inverter, pure sine wave power inverter, solar power inverter, dc power inverter,12 Volt to 230 Volt Power Inverter, power inverter with charger Power Conditioning Battery Generator, Solar Charged Power Inverters, Uninterrupted Power supply.

Why you should buy NOVAPRO & what benefits you will get ? 

  1. Enjoy Life during power failure.
  2. Get peaceful sleep & start everyday with the zeal & enthusiasm.
  3. Master the art of living Peacefully, Comfortably & Lavishly only with NOVAPRO.
  4. Transform an ordinary lifestyle to extraordinary one.
  5. Ultimate Electronic Machine that acts as Comfort Conditioner.
  6. DISCOVER the joy of owning NOVA-pro™ through incredible Service support from our Company specialized to cater the needs of the Customers.
  7. Free yourself from the hassles of power failure.
  8. You get Free Unlimited Support for ONE Year through Web & E-mail.
  9. 24 Hours Complaint Booking available through E-Mail and Website – ASSURED AFTER SALES SUPPORT.
  10. Guaranteed Service after Warranty period expires.
  11. PROVEN Track RECORD of 10 Years.
  13. And above all, E-book “Secrets of Inverter Revealed” ABSOLUTELY FREE.


How do I get more information on NOVAPRO UPS Systems for Computers?

UPS means Uninterruptible Power Supply. UPS or UPS Systems are generally used to protect Computers and precious Electronic Medical and process equipments from Power Problems. A separate section is devoted for the same.

NOVAPRO Inverter and UPS Systems are very compact & elegantly designed that suits the decor of your House and Office.

NOVAPRO Inverter and UPS is totally free from smoke and noise. Its features include Automatic operation and low running costs. It is environment friendly with Constant Voltage & frequency.

If you want only cost, then there are thousand Suppliers available.  However if you want Quality and reliability Products then you are at the right place.

Be assured about After Sales Service, peace of mind and value for your hard earned Money with our NOVA-pro™ UPS & Inverters.


Which is the area where Power Inverters are given by us?

Following is the area where we had supplied the Power Inverters:
Kalyan, Dombivli, Thane, Ulhasnagar, Badlapur, Ambernath, Titwala, etc.

Order your Power Inverter TODAY and live Life peacefully & happily with Power Inverter NOVAPRO

Thank you for visiting Sudhan Enterprises.