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What is the meaning of UPS System?

UPS means Uninterruptible Power Supply. UPS or UPS systems are generally used to protect computers and precious electronic medical and process equipment from Power Problems.

How do I protect Computers of my Home or Office?

Off-course by installing UPS system. You will have to understand you exact need of Power backup. To do this ask following Questions: – 1) How many Computers and Printers do I have to protect & their configurations? 2) The expected backup time you want to run PC ? It is just 10 to 15 min or couple of hours. Once you understand this then selection of UPS becomes easier.

Which are the types of UPS available?

UPS Systems can be broadly classified in 3 types or Technology: – a) Offline Systems b) Line Interactive Systems c) Online Systems Although in all the above 3 Systems your Computer does not reboot during Power failure, now only Line Interactive and Offline Systems are used for small Offices & Homes, Line Interactive Technology with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is just perfect, considering its cost vis-a-vis performance. Online UPS Systems are ideal for a network of more than 10 PC or where Mission Critical Applications are used. Online UPS Systems are always costlier than Line Interactive counterparts. Even Online UPS comes in two different Output Waveforms: Pure Sinewave and Quasi Squarewave. You will need to make an appropriate decision.

Although there are variety of UPS available, when it comes for serious work at Office, we have to choose UPS with care considering following things:

  • How many Computers and / or Servers you want to protect during power failure and for how long ?
  • The distance between the UPS and Computers.
  • Which are the other things that you would like to connect to UPS. For eg: Printers, Modems, Hubs, Fax, Scanner, EPABX ?
  • Which technology you want to adopt : ONLINE or LINE INTERACTIVE technology with AVR [Automatic Voltage Regular]
  • Which Batteries you want to connect ? [Stationery or Dry type Maintenance FREE] 

If you have a large network of computers in lan, we suggest to install Online UPS for the Server and Line Interactive UPS for other UPS which saves money. If you can afford and network is mission critical then only option is ONLINE UPS.

According to our experience, for most of the Applications [barring mission critical] regular LINE INTERACTIVE UPS runs well.