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Why High Price

Why High Price
Basic Reason why Price high
Benefits of buying these products
  • We are using imported pure CRGO lamination, which is costly by at least 40% than the normal or CRNO lamination used in the other Transformers.
  • We use purely Electrolytic type of Copper with the Wire Gauge designed to take at least 25% extra load.
  • Almost every Component is checked and tested before assembling, any Component, which is found to be below performance is rejected
  • The tracks of the PCB are of the bigger size which can take the current capacity double than the required. No jumpers are used to compensate instead a fresh PCB is taken.
  • We use 20 gauge MS for the box and the box is powder coated from both the sides.
  • We use heat sink of 14 gauge,which is properly anodized.
  • We use modified wave forms.


Due to our policy of constant upgradation, the features given above are subject to change without prior Notice. 
  • Due to the CRGO lamination good Magnetic Flux is maintained which means higher efficiency and minimum power loss thereby saving in Electricity & obtaining more backup time for the System. 
  • Due to the Electrolytic Copper with higher gauge efficiency is increased and  transformer is never overloaded, which means extended life of the Transformer is achieved by you.
  • As the Components are tested before assembly there are less chances of field failure. Less PCB related problems, less field failures.
  • Due to 20 gauge MS used the durability of Box  is enhanced and due to the powder coating it looks good and becomes rust proof which ensures that you can use it for extended period without loosing the lust of the Box.
  • The Heat Sink of proper thickness with  anodizing helps in proper distribution and let-out of heat which is generated during Inverter operation.
  • The use of modified wave form instead of pure square-wave  improves the performance of the electrical gadgets used over it.
  • The last, but not the least we  do believe to give the Service after Warranty and maintaining the permanent relations with the Customers.