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This is about us page of Sudhan Enterprises.
Sudhan Enterprises was incorporated in January’ 2000 as a sister concern of Sanjay Marketing Company (www.sanjaymarketing.com) , founded in August 1992.
Sanjay Marketing Co. which was initially distributor for TATA BP Solar India Ltd. representing
Thane – New Mumbai – Mumbai and Raigad district. At present it represents M/s. Racold Thermo Ltd.

Initially Sudhan Enterprises started installing and servicing smaller inverters which was then followed up by manufacturing the same.

About us for Sudhan Enterprises

Sudhan Enterprises is basically manufacturing as well as trading Company for Inverters, UPS Systems and batteries.

Power Inverter NOVAPRO & UPS found a good market share due to its quality, the simplicity of use, reasonable price, backed up by professional after sales service.

More than 4000+ customers were been made due to above factors. The major advertisement & sales promotion efforts were none other than the word of mouth publicity by the existing satisfied clients.

Besides manufacturing inverters we now trade in branded inverters such as Luminous Inverter and battery. Swastik inverters.


Apart from Inverters and UPS, Sudhan Enterprises has an experience of trading in Security Systems, CCTV, Air Source Heat Pump, Thermal Activator Device for Vehicles, etc
Initially the area of operation was Thane,Pune and Ahmadnagar district.

Soon as the business grew we were not able to give remote service to the clients, hence it was decided to keep only parts of Thane district as area of operation.

The service to old clients in the other two district continued for five years and later on it was outsourced.

We are maintaining inverters of big customers like departmental stores, banks as well as hospitals.

To educate the Clients about Inverter an Ebook was created . This Ebook will inform you on various aspects of Inverter and battery.
Some of the topics covered are as follows:

What to look for in Inverter?
How to choose an Inverter for your needs?
How to choose your Supplier?
The Check List before purchasing
How to choose the Battery for your need?
Finding an ideal place to install the Inverter.

This FREE e book”Secrets of Power inverter revealed” is available for download.