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Luminous Sinewave Inverter

Introducing Luminous Sinewave Inverter EcoVolt


Pure Sinewave Output

for smooth operation

SMD based design

for Reliability

Electronic Protections

for Safety & Security

Luminous Sinewave Inverter

Luminous Sinewave Inverter Features

  • Long Backup ensures that you remain in control even in longer power cuts
  • Faster Charging with 3 Step Charging Current.
  • Advanced Battery Charging Control {ABCC} increases Battery life upto 70%
  • Auto holiday mode ensures no discharge at zero load increases Battery life.
  • More Load handling capacity
  • Good After Sales Support
  • Advanced safety features equipped with MCB Technology, which switches off the Fuse when the Inverter gets overloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Inverter?

An Inverter takes DC Power from a Battery and converts it into Alternating Current (AC) which is similar to what we use in our Home, Office or Workplace.

Why are they called Inverters?

Converters convert AC to DC. Inverters convert DC to AC [Opposite to that of Converter] producing Inverted Output, hence called Inverters. Are you aware of Inverted comma? It is similar to that.

What is the difference between Sinewave and Squarewave Inverters?

The difference lies in Technology. Sinewave is latest Technology. The only difference you can observe is Sinewave Inverters don’t produce any “hum” or “noise” when connected to equipment like Fans, Tubelights, PC’s, Medical Equipment, etc. Sinewave Inverters utilize sinusoidal PWM to produce a CLEAN Sinewave which is similar to MSEB or that is found in your Mains Wall Socket. Cost effective Inverters are using Squarewave / Quasi-SquareWave / Odified Sinewave. If possible avoid them and go for Sinewave Inveters. My Suggession… Go for the Sinewave Inverter.

What is the Cost difference between Sinewave and Squarewave Inverters?

The Sinewave Inverters are costly by upto 25% than that of Squarewave Inverters.

How do I select the right capacity Inverter?

Typically you need to calculate the load that you want to run on the Inverter when power fails. Like how many Tubelights [55 Watts each], Fans [80 Watts], TV [100 Watts], CFL [20 Watts], etc. These are approximate Wattage and may vary slightly from equipment to equipment. Calculate the number and add the Total Wattage. Once you have total multiply by 1.25 times to get them in VA [Volts Amps] then compare it with what is available loads of Inverter. If this is too much for you either see the Chart below or give us a call. I have given below the Load cum Backup Chart alongwith the Cost details with Discount to all my Web Customers only. Take it Easy..

Luminous Sinewave Inverter Load Chart


Load in VA

80 AH

100 AH

135 AH

150 AH

180 AH

200 AH

1 F + 1 T


4 H 30 M

5 H 45 M

7 H 45 M

8 H  35 m

10 H 25 M

11 H 30 M

2 F + 2 T


2 H 15 M

2 H 45 M

3 H 50 M

4 H 25 M

5 H 10 M

5 H  45 M

3 F + 3 T


1 H 30 M

1 H 50 M

2 H 35 M

2 H 50 M

3 H 25 M

3 H 50 M

4 F + 4 T


1 H 10 M

1 H 25 M

1 H 50 M

2 H 8 M

2 H 35 M

2 H 50 M

5 F + 5 T


50 M

1 H 10 M

1 H 30M

1 H 45 M

2 H 5 M

2 H 15 M

Luminous Sinewave Inverter Offer details






Offer Price


EcoVolt 700VA / 12 V

3 T + 3 F

24 Months




EcoVolt 850VA / 12 V

4 T + 4 F

24 Months




EcoVolt 1050VA / 12 V

5 T + 5 F

24 Months




EcoVolt 1650VA / 24 V

6 T + 6 F

24 Months



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